You can contact Structures to set up an appointment by email or phone.  The first appointment is to discuss your vision for your project.  Most of our clients have plans or drawings at the first meeting, but many only have an idea of what they want to accomplish within their home.  If you do not have a set of plans, we are able to direct you to several of our trade partners to help clarify your vision.  If you do, however, have a set of plans, we can participate in the bid process through your architect. 

At the initial meeting, we may discuss your finish choices such as appliances, plumbing fixtures, or tile.  Once we have narrowed down your choice and have a plan in place, we send you an estimate or a bid depending on the details of your plans.

once a client, always a client

Once you decide to employ Structures for your project, we will meet to discuss timetables and final decisions.  You, as the client, set the level of involvement and communication that you want for your project.  We believe in and nurture open lines of communication throughout the project.  Through rigorous oversight, we are able to let you know of any construction issues. 

Structures works to make sure you are apprised of any opportunities or problems in a timely manner so that you are able to make informed decisions.  An ideal client is an informed client.

We want to build a lifelong relationship with you, so we recognize that we are in your home and not on a jobsite.  Remember, the construction of your home is not just a job to us.  We make every effort to minimize disruptions to your daily routine to ensure a comfortable construction experience.  It is considered a privilege to us to work in your home.